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Measurement Function

Particle Measurement / Statistical value calculations

粒子計測・統計値算出1.png Categorization by the feature value of particles/Separation of adjacent particles

Measurement can be conducted for all types of particles or for only specific metal particles or animal cells.
Setting ranges enables form measurement within a specified range. Statistical data is Ssimultaneously calculated from measured data.
Instantaneou analysis also provides a pass/fail judgment instantaneously, based on the condition settings for extracted particles.
A function to edit the conditions for the extracted particle is also included.

粒子計測・統計値算出2.png Miraculous multi-binarization included!

Binarization processes can be carried out multiple times.
It is possible to distinguish and measure various objects in an image.
Up until now, users needed to process one image again and again. However, this function requires only one process and provides an effortless analysis without troubling the user.

粒子計測・統計値算出34.png Calculated data can be displayed in histogram form.
Histograms can be switched to a frequency distribution display.

One click exports measurement data to Excel.
Analyzed images can be displayed.
Many different report layouts can be saved as desired.

Roundness/Polygonal Particle Measurement

円形・多角形粒子計測12.png Analysis of overlapped particles is quite difficult for other software.
This function of WinROOF2021 separates the overlapped particles and enables measurement of both diameter and area.

Automatic Line Thickness Measurement

自動線幅計測.png Line thickness of a number of lines on the screen can be automatically measured.
In addition to the average line thickness, this function obtains all the data on each line.
This function of WinROOF2021 is excellent for defect inspection, as the data shows when width is reduced in a certain area.
As a premium option Line-Edge Roughness (LER) and Line-Width Roughness (LWR) measurements based on SEM standard are also available.

Profile Measurement

高さプロファイル測定.PNG Height, width and approximate radius can be calculate from the obtained 3D data.
*Compatible formatted 3D data is required for this analysis.

Profile Measurement


Cross-section measurement can be performed for the color density on a specific line.
The obtained data can then be output to the measurement list.

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