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Introduction of WinROOF2021 new functions.

Imaging analysis software WinROOF2021 Standard

We would like to introduce some of the new features and upgrades that come standard with WinROOF2021 Standard.

Particle Image Output


The particle image output function is capable of saving the images of each detected particle as an image file.
The particle images detected by binarization, watershed, etc. is available for a variety of purpose, such as making a report or reviewing,
or using as teacher data for creating AI training models.

Automatic line widge measurement


Automatically measures the line width for multiple lines.
Since an average value of the width over a specified area can be obtained,
the effect of unevenness can be reduced compared to measuring at a single location.
The maximum and minimum widths can be calculated from the width of each pixel at once,and
the system is used for defect inspection such as detecting chips in wiring patterns. It also supports
LER (Line-Edge Roughness) and LWR (Line-Width Roughness) in compliance with SEMI standards.

Imaging analysis software WinROOF2021 Options

By adding this function to WinROOF2021 Standard, we can provide options that enable the usefulness of the software to be enhanced.
This function meets the needs of the site in various fields. It was developed using our unique algorithms. All options must be purchased at cost.

Image Quality Inprovement


The differential hysteresis algorithm provides a clearer image than can be obtained bygeneral luminance or spatial filter image improvement.
It effectively emphasizes the characteristic edges of the original image and improves the image quality. ※Also included in Lite!

Ring Thickness Measurement


It is possible to easily measure the film thickness of fibers and hollow fibers, which are difficult to image process.
It can be used to evaluate the quality of products and materials used in filters.

3D surface roughness


Roughness parameters Sa, Sq, Sz can be calculated.

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