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Lens Aberration Correction

p8レンズ収差補正.PNG Aberration generated by the lens can have a huge impact on the measurement results.
This function corrects this aberration.

Multicolor composition (Pseudo Color Display)

p8マルチカラー合成.PNG This function composes fluorescent images or images with metal contents with pseudo colors, and creates visual aids for position inspection of fluorescent markers and other items.

Image Operation Expression

p8画像演算.PNG Operation expression between images easily measures a pass/fail rating such as in the case of a lack of dot intensity.

Light Irregularity Ccorrection

光ムラ補正.png Lens aberration sometime generates darkness in the four corners of the image.
This function resolves this problem.


フィルタ処理.png Utilization of various filters, such as for image edge enhancement or noise removal, generates effective images for use with analysis.

Fourier Transformation

p8フーリエ変換.PNG Conversion of the image to frequency values and deletion of the frequency values in certain ranges enables the creation of an additional vivid image.

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