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List of WinROOF2021 functions

This is a list of the main functions of the WinROOF2021.

ROI setting Rectangle, line, horizontal line, vertical line, ellipse, free, polygon, automatic selection, grid, ROI release, ROI inversion, ROI save, ROI load, coordinate specification
Calibration Dimension calibration (manual/auto), Intensity (brightness/height) calibration, Import/export of calibration data
Environment setting connectivity(4neighbors、8neighbors), lattice(square、hexagon),Box mode, Measurement data mode (new/additional)
Filter processing Averaging, Gaussian, Median, Gradient, Labrasian, Roberts, Sobel, Sort, Maximum value filter, Minimum value filter, Arbitrary filter
Image enhancement Invert, Brightness/Contrast, Density Transform, LUT Transform, Sharpen, Histogram Averaging, Horizontal Correction, Shading Correction, Background Removal, Noise Removal, Outlier Correction, Line Shift Correction
Image operations Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, AND, OR, XOR, MAX, MIN, MEAN, arithmetic expressions
Image display/transformation 3D display, Multi-angle 3D display (OP)*2, Text display (concentration value, physical quantity), Monochrome imaging, Pseudo colorization, RGB separation and composition, Multi color composition, Original image, Binary image, Measurement figure, Text image, Figure image, Overlay image, Display range, Gradation number conversion, Pseudo color, Multi color composition, Full screen, Partial magnification, Assisted zoom
Fourier transform FFT transform, filter, inverse FFT transform
Region extraction Automatic binarization (mode, p-tile, valley, discriminant analysis), binarization by single threshold, binarization by two thresholds, color extraction, cell extraction, grain boundary separation (OP)*3
Morphology Isolated point removal, dilation, contraction, opening, closing, exclusive dilation, contraction, refinement, hole filling, skeleton, contour line, reconstruction, circular separation
Geometric transformation Affine transformation, Image position correction, Projection distortion correction, Lens aberration correction, Enlargement, Reduction, Rotation, Mirror inversion
Measurement processing Histogram, density cross section (automatic, X direction, Y direction), shading features (mean, maximum, minimum, standard deviation, number of pixels, total), shape feature values (bounding rectangle, starting point, area, area including holes, perimeter, perimeter including holes, center of gravity, center, number of holes, absolute maximum length, horizontal feret diameter, vertical feret diameter, horizontal chord length, vertical chord length, horizontal equal diameter, vertical equal diameter, circularity, fluid diameter, linearity, convexity, size, moment, direction, azimuth, Feret diameter ratio, circular equivalent diameter, envelope area, envelope perimeter, shrinkage, radius, ellipse major axis/minor axis/major/short ratio, distance between center of gravity contours, area ratio, number, volume, surface area, needle ratio, diagonal width, maximum height, maximum depth), circular Figure separation and measurement, total area, number of pieces, distance between peaks, peak width, slice area
Manual measurement Line length (straight line, perpendicular line, curve, broken line, broken line+curve), section length (broken line, broken line+curve), angle (3-point angle, 4-point angle), specified area shape, concentration cross section, piece count, point position (position, concentration), distance between peaks, peak width, arbitrary shape (rectangle, ellipse, polygon, free, automatic selection, 3-point circle, 2-point circle, broken line+curve) 2-point circle, line + curve, multiple shapes), profile measurement, roughness measurement (OP)*2, 1DFFT (OP)*2, line edge roughness measurement (OP)*2, grid measurement (OP)*2
Data processing Data list, frequency distribution, correlation, data saving (spread format), data clipboard copy, data digit alignment, data deletion, data transfer to Excel, judgment output
Automatic processing Macro execution, step execution, macro modification, macro registration, macro reading, macro deletion, execution count, timer interval, image list, measurement data list, parameter change, memory mode setting, pause
Image editing Undo function, Cut image, Copy image, Paste image, Select format and paste, Clear image, Copy image, Copy overlay image between planes, Eraser, Pen, Spoiler, Input text, Arrow, Clear binary image, Clear measured figure, Clear overlay image
Image Window Zoom in, Zoom out, Scroll, Create new image (Monochrome 8, 10, 12, 16bit, Color 24, 30, 36, 48bit, Any size, Get clipboard information), Erase, Scale display, Brightness bar display, Active document server, Ruler, Grid
Image saving・Save function Load (TIFF, BMP, JPEG, TDV, VV3, TDR, OLS, EMAX, SEW, SPM, Original, Binary, Text, General Format), Save (TIFF, BMP, JPEG, TDV, VV3, Original)
Printing Normal image printing, specified magnification printing, multi-image printing
Image input *1 WDM input compatible cameras, various color and monochrome cameras
Report generation Data transfer to Micorosoft Excel
Image generation Real-time focus composition, halation removal, file selection image linking, interactive image linking
Optional functions*2 Motorized XY stage control, automatic image linking, motorized XYZ stage control, automatic image 3D linking, high-resolution image viewer, Z stage control (Z-slice shooting), 3D profile measurement, roughness measurement, grain boundary extraction, needle separation measurement, inter-particle distance measurement, Voronoi region segmentation, watershed segmentation, non-metallic inclusion measurement, particle analysis data analysis (scattergram)
*1 Please contact us for information on compatible cameras. We can also suggest a camera that best suits your application.
*2 To use optional functions, a license for the optional functions is required.

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