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Solicitation of Business Partner

Solicitation of Business Partner

Mitani Corporation Visual System Department can offer our software functions as the OEM. We contribute to value-added improvement by putting technique that we cultivated by our package software on your product. As an example, there are the achievements such as the OEM offers of the following techniques.

Create omnifocul image

We solve the problem of "depth of focus" which is caused by a conventional camera by loading our high-speed focus composition technique to your products such as camera or microscope. This function can create omnifocal image from focus image and live image by various height.

Roughness measurement function

This function can measure the surface roughness and is supporting JIS B 0601. This supports standard height data file UDF(sdf) and can read data file of every surface measuring apparatus such as a laser microscope, AFM, SPM, Probe type surface roughness measurement, and Contour Shape measuring machine. In addition, this supports the original surface roughness parameter, so we can offer functions that analyze complicated surface information by every viewpoint.

Please feel free to contact us.

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