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Compatible hardware for use with ContamiAnalyzer

This is a list of our recommended units and system structures for basic applications, as well as examples of specifications for each of the units. The specifications below are for reference only. We will provide suggestions for customizing the system to optimize it for each customer's usage, and can also handle specific requests.

Digital microscopes

Photographed particles 1 / 1.8 model CCD
Effective resolution 1628 X 1236 (2 million pixels)
Light source Metal halide lamps, LED lights
Lighting Coaxial vertical illumination, ring systems
Adjustment parameters Shutter speed, gain, white balance

Electric XY-stage

Movement distance X and Y axis: ±50mm
Movement resolution X and Y axis: ±2mm
Positioning repeatability X and Y axis: ±10mm

Dedicated PC

OS Windows 7, 8, or 8.1
*Compatibility conditions change depending on hardware drivers.
CPU Intel Core i5 or above recommended
Memoy 4 GB or more recommended
Disk space 100 GB or more free space recommended
Display A wide-screen monitor 21 or larger is recommended

Minimum detection capability

(1) Low magnification zoom lens (20 - 160x magnification) 65 - 8.5μm
(2) Medium magnification zoom lens (50 - 400x magnification) 26 - 3.3μm
(3) High magnification zoom lens (140 - 1400x magnification) 10.3 - 1.0μm
*Depending on the photography magnification, an auto-focus unit (available as an additional option) may be required.
For more information about a non-standard configurations, please contact our staff.

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