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Privacy Policy

Dear Customer

  • Mitani Corporation ("we") understand that the protection of personal information from customers are very important. We will protect your personal information with information management supervisors of each section by appropriate management.
  • We inform customers about the purpose of use of personal information and content, then we will collect the personal information appropriately.
  • We do not offer the personal information to the third parties unless there is sufficient reason.
  • When we offer the personal information to the third party, unless there is special reason, we will try to prevent a leak and a re-offer with requiring by contract.
  • Periodically, we can notify you of informative matter or useful information by mail, FAX, e-mail, or telephone.
  • If you want to inquire or amend your personal information, please contact us. We immediately manage within a reasonable range.
  • We observe laws and ordinances of the protection of personal information and we will review and improve the content of each item mentioned above continuously.

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